A High Price for Harrison Barnes

To be a player for the sport game such as basketball becomes the dream of many people. Many basketball players gets themselves placed the hall of fame because of their playing performance. Just like Harrison Barnes, the player of NBA which is currently inserted to be a hot discussion topic about his achievements in gaining a high amount of money for his performance. Yes, he is the player worth $64 million that is offered by the Golden State Warriors. Of course, it can be happen because he is capable and has an outstanding playing performance. Related to the money that is got by some players, many people can assume and wonder who is the player that will worth and what is the reason.

Tristan Thompson is also known as the more decisive while he can turn down until $80 million. While 2016 free agency starts to hit, Barners will be possible to get $20 million contract per year. Whatever his performance condition, it will bring impact towards the contract. Some sources say, even how bad his playing performance will be, the contract will alright. Even, although he is completely and probably fall apart which makes him loses his opportunity to rein the Finalist MVP, Andre Iguodala, the fall that he experience will be broken with many cash. He can do many things with his money, even burning a wing of a young athletic. Since the issue has spread widely, he is considered as one of the superstars of NBA. It is possible for Barners has possibility for the multiple general managers’ proposition because of the free agents case that cannot compete related to his http://jencks.org agent.

Barners, the 23 years old player has signed the market deal that is happened with the Golden state. If we think out of the championship or something, there will be security out of the financial security. Yes, it is true that he gets a stable career condition with the Golden State. It results to the guilt with Warriors HQ. It is related to his career handling system. Everyone knows that the time when Mark Jackson with the successful career, but not as what it was for Barnes. It is even turned becomes toxic for him.

Whatever the condition, hopefully Barners will get his career stable and runs better. It might come true with the increased ball movement and performance of him that help very much towards Barners’ ability to hit the left corner 3s which becomes the better one if we compare with any player in NBA during the last season. Anything that should be appreciated from Barners is his amazing performance and strength, the things that make the team will miss once he leaves the team. He is considered as very important for the mission that is also brought by Warriors. Barners’ position on the negotiation about his agent will be a little bit complicated, but the benefit and good opportunity that he gets will be very surprising. Make sure to keep updating about Barners’ lucky agen bola online fate!

Rumor Round Up on NBA

There is always hot news related to the agent of NBA players. The rumor that is now happening is the latest one. Let’s give our attention to know well about the rumor which is come up from the Minnesota Timberwolves player, Anthony Bennet. The issue says that he will leave the team that is now being his home. He will free sooner from the club/team related to the buyout negotiation. It will be the chance of Bennet to be finally unclaimed which will make him very easy to be free agent. It will probably the time for Bennet to be the agent that get calls from NBA teams, but some teams like Dallas and as well as Toronto should be count out.

The next information will be from the Minnesota Timberwolves that will have eighteen players that are under contract. It will happen when they finally waive Bennet from the team. It also means that there will be 3 players that should be released ahead of regular season in 2015 until 2016. The three players are Kleon Penn, the center, the guard Nick Wiggins, and Lorenzo Brow which finally will remain 15 players that will be ready for the regular season that will be in the late October.

Tristan Thompson also being on the list of the rumors which according to Brian Windhorst, the ESPN’s, Thompson and Clevelan Cavaliers will apart on their negotiation cost $14 million. It will be a good chance for Thompson to get the $6,8 million of the negotiation together with the view because he becomes unrestricted agent who is free in next year, 2016. The other player, DeMar DeRozan, which is one of the member of Toronto Raptors that is issued to not get the extension on this season. There is no negotiation for that. The manager, Masai Ujiri said that DeRozan can extend just for certain money, and it must be not suitable for his performance. So, DeMar De Rozan should patiently wait for the decision that will be good for both sides. Based on some information, he is now being under contracted for 2016 until 2017.

Related to some payers that got injuries which requires them to take a rest for a while from the playing, it will be about the Cleveland Cavaliers which will manage the training for 4 injured players that have been ready to play back. They are Kyrie Irving, Timofey Mozgov, Anderson Varejo, and Kevin Love. They will be involved on the training camp that will be held next week. Related to the training camp on next week, Dallas Mavericks, the ESPNDallas’Chandler Parsons, Wesley Matthews, and JaVale McGee will not be fully clear for all activities that are related on basketball. They will start to continue to play on October 28th while it is regular season tips off. The last one will be about Atlanta Hawks relate to some injured players such as Kyle Korver, Thabo Sefolosha, and Shelvin Mack. One of the hot rumor is about the possibility of Luke Ridnour‘s retirement.

Spain gets up to win on the Euro Basket Title

Basketball has been one of the games which are commonly taken into competition. It will involve many teams from different background and playing strategy. The players of the team are absolutely given the different playing method between one and other team. The only target of the effort is just to get the best and solid team to get the victory. There are several teams which are always well-known as the outstanding team with the achievements that they have got. Let’s see to the Spain, a team that takes part on the Euro basket game which is held in 2015 to fight against other teams from other country. This team has been very popular with their amazing playing strategy and track record of their game winning. Currently, there is news coming up related to their ability in reaching the goal or title on the Euro Basket.

It was an amazing experience of Spain while Pau Gasol contributed very much to their victory with the 25 points as well as 12 rebounds. It was against Lithuania, the match that led Spain to the title of EuroBasket that they have been dreaming for on Sunday. It makes him becomes the unanimous choice to be the MVP of the EuroBasket in 2015. It happened for the Spain’s 3rd title of EuroBasket during 6 years with the 80-63 point which brought Lithuania to its destruction. Since then, Pau Gasol has been the star of the team that brings Spain to its crown of winning.

Scariolo, the team coach has been also pleased with his team’s achievement. He says, it was a hard process to be the current situation of his team. They have been trained since they knew less about basketball and its winning strategy. Whatever the condition, the must fight such as facing the Germany’s amazing players, but his team finally survive. The 3 finals were with Germany, Greece and France. Scariolo always want their team to remember, if they want to win, then they should remember and understand what they should have and give to get the winning title.

It was a gorgeous movement of Spain while the last minutes to get over Lithuania. It was the moment when Pau Gasol showed his great performance to bring the victory for Spain. The amazing performance of Spain on the match was the result of their awareness to learn and wake up from the losing experience over Serbia. Through the experience, they can repair and change some things to be better related to their playing strategy. After the game, Spain is really better and acted very well to try to get the crown. Although after the game they lose again while facing Italy, they have tried to arrange their strategy to defense.

Spain has been trying so hard to get their victory through the players training to know very well the playing strategy. With the continuous effort in developing the team, Spain will be able to get their title on the Europe Basket and satisfy their fans and supporters.