A High Price for Harrison Barnes

To be a player for the sport game such as basketball becomes the dream of many people. Many basketball players gets themselves placed the hall of fame because of their playing performance. Just like Harrison Barnes, the player of NBA which is currently inserted to be a hot discussion topic about his achievements in gaining a high amount of money for his performance. Yes, he is the player worth $64 million that is offered by the Golden State Warriors. Of course, it can be happen because he is capable and has an outstanding playing performance. Related to the money that is got by some players, many people can assume and wonder who is the player that will worth and what is the reason.

Tristan Thompson is also known as the more decisive while he can turn down until $80 million. While 2016 free agency starts to hit, Barners will be possible to get $20 million contract per year. Whatever his performance condition, it will bring impact towards the contract. Some sources say, even how bad his playing performance will be, the contract will alright. Even, although he is completely and probably fall apart which makes him loses his opportunity to rein the Finalist MVP, Andre Iguodala, the fall that he experience will be broken with many cash. He can do many things with his money, even burning a wing of a young athletic. Since the issue has spread widely, he is considered as one of the superstars of NBA. It is possible for Barners has possibility for the multiple general managers’ proposition because of the free agents case that cannot compete related to his http://jencks.org agent.

Barners, the 23 years old player has signed the market deal that is happened with the Golden state. If we think out of the championship or something, there will be security out of the financial security. Yes, it is true that he gets a stable career condition with the Golden State. It results to the guilt with Warriors HQ. It is related to his career handling system. Everyone knows that the time when Mark Jackson with the successful career, but not as what it was for Barnes. It is even turned becomes toxic for him.

Whatever the condition, hopefully Barners will get his career stable and runs better. It might come true with the increased ball movement and performance of him that help very much towards Barners’ ability to hit the left corner 3s which becomes the better one if we compare with any player in NBA during the last season. Anything that should be appreciated from Barners is his amazing performance and strength, the things that make the team will miss once he leaves the team. He is considered as very important for the mission that is also brought by Warriors. Barners’ position on the negotiation about his agent will be a little bit complicated, but the benefit and good opportunity that he gets will be very surprising. Make sure to keep updating about Barners’ lucky agen bola online fate!

The Penalty for Under-Impressed Josh Norman Who Were Doing a Celebration

Josh Norman, known as the one and only cornerback of Carolina Panthers, was under impression that he already had the approval of the league official to celebrate his victory over a touchdown. He was celebrating by pretending to look like riding the football like he was riding a horse. Sadly, after that occasion, the penalty flag for him is coming. He was confused with it. It is highly unexpected for him, really.

The sad occasion of penalty for The Panthers was conducted after 15 yards. It is happened in the first quarter of their match with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which is happened on Sunday. Actually, it is bit logic as the celebration is happened when their victory over the Tampa Bay can be seen clearly in 37 – 23 score. Exactly, it was happening after a touchdown which has been done by his team at 46-yard interception. He was giddy and doing some happy moves. Who wouldn’t, right?

Norman actually said that prior the game, he was already asked Derrick Brooks, the former linebacker for Tampay Bay which is a fines appeal officer that has been chosen by both NFLPA and NFL, whether a celebration is legal or not. He said that Brooks already said that it is okay to do that. “If it was not okay, surely I would never want to do it, too”, said Norman who has been appointed as the defensive player of the month by the NFC on Thursday.

Sadly, the truth is hurt. Brooks whom Norman has been referred as an official is actually not an official in that game. Norman didn’t know about that, before. Because of that, Norman has been penalized because of the prohibition on using the football or any other thing which is matters, including the goal post, pylons, or crossbars, as a prop. That rule is stated on the conduct code of leagues unsportsmanlike in Rule 12 of Section 3.

Now, Josh Norman may be become the subject of fine for the second time in all of four games from the league. Before this sad occasion is happening, Norman has been actually fined with $8,681 because of his action when he was giving a wave for Blake Bortles, the quarterback of Jacksonville Jaguars, as he was doing a return for a touchdown interception. It is happening in the season opener, if you would like to know.

Following that score, it can be said that Norman can be really lucky if he wasn’t fined for the action that he done in that Sunday’s game. He will become the first player of NFL game which has to return in the first four games for two interceptions for the touchdown. Hey, he was the first in these five years! Even he was realizing that it was crazy. Norman said, “Yeah, it’s actually kind of crazy”. He is surprised, too. “Guess it is time to know that we are going to keep on putting more and more money in the savings account of ours”.

The Champions of Road Cycling World of the Year

Linda Villumsen who was known as the cyclist champion from New Zealand is now successfully taken to be get the gold medals in the Road Cycling World. She won for the category of individual’s time trial in the competition. This 30- year- old cyclist had successfully run for 30 km in the duration of 4 minutes 30 seconds. She has win over her competitor, Anna Van der Bergeen with the tight difference of time which is two minutes and 30 seconds. This win will be a great proud for the people in the New Zealand for the success of her career.

This competition has brought so many names of great cyclist from so many countries in the world. For instance, Lisa Brennauer was in the third position of the competition. Brennauer is known as the defending winner from the years in advance and now she has to go down in the number 3. It is also as the same as Katrin Gartfoot who has to be in the number four in the competition. Well, this time those two champions should replace the place with the other competitors. They were supposed to give the best perform to defend its champion that they had.

Meanwhile, Kristin Amstrong who is American cyclist should be turned down in the number five after lost by Villumsen. This 42- year-old cyclist performance was the first competition that she joined after her hiatus. Her come back should be congratulated in the fifth in this competition. Well, it was not that bad for her as they can give the best that leads her to be the champion to beat Villumsen on the track. It is known that before she got hiatus from her career, he was always in the second place and she competed with Villumsen in some years ago.

In 2009 to the three next year later, Villumsen has actually win over her in competing the cycling competition. She got the silver medal and Amstrog got the bronze. Well, they should be separated in quite tough gap for the professional cyclist to break the record. This year seems to be Villumsen’s year as she can bring the trophy to home for her win this time. Well, New Zealand must be so proud of her. The triumph might be the spirit for the next competition that they should have as it means that she will meet the same participants.

This commonwealth winner can’t wait for the next competition as her opportunity to gain her career as the World’s cyclist that is very influencing. In conclusion, all the word female cyclist will be preparing themselves in joining the next competition. Well, next competition is going to be the greater event as something out of prediction might happen to find out who the champion is. Hence, it will be so good to join and watch the next competition. The cyclist will do the best in order to be best of the best that may affect to their career tracks in the future.

A Young Irish Golfer, Paul Dunne Soon to Give Best Effort in the Walker Cup Golf Competition

Paul Dunne is known as the Irish golfer who starts his career in Walker Cup. He is one of the three Great Britain and Ireland team in order to win the match in such Cup. The win must be something that makes him very proud of himself. Furthermore, he has gained the confidence after the win in the competition. Also, he thought that the win was considered as the part of his beginning career and he is now ready for it. Even, in the next match, Dunne just cannot wait to show his great to win over the other golfer in the competition.

In addition, his golf career was going not so great in the beginning. There were few matches before he won the Walker Cup in which he did not get any view from the people. Well, in the three rounds of St. Andrew, Dunne was taken to the 12th in the round. The result must be the thing that they did not expect before. This young Irish golfer went to the final round of St. Andrew then. Sadly, the result was unsatisfying as Dunne was trapped in to 30th. This is may be worse than the previous round finding that he in the far gap from his first chart. However, in The Open which was held in July 2015, he had successfully become the winner in the round. Well, this might be something that made him want to gain the career more and more. Hence, Dunne just turned himself to be a greater golfer as the representative of Irish.

For your information, Walker Cup is one of the England’s golf competitions which are joined by the teams from Great Britain and some other European countries. This year, the competition is going to be held on 12 and 13 September in Lancashire, England. This is a great competition in which many professional great golfers will show their skill in swinging the ball. Hence, there will be so many golfers that have been looking forward to join the competition. In this Walker Cup, the winner will be taken to the World Golf competition that makes the name of the golfer is getting up. So is Dunne who is looking forward to join the match. Yes, after winning one competition, he turns to be a professional golf and he thinks that his career needs to be gained by following the next golf competition.

Well, Dunne has already done the preparations in order to join the Walker Cup on September. He has the training from the coach in tight schedule as the gap after he won The Open is not that far from the next one. He turns to be a greater golfer to give the best efforts and make his career record gained. As a result, Dunne, a 22-year-old golfer just wants to give the best performance in the next match as he can do. He is trying to draw the history with his fellow golfers to win the golf competition next month.

South Africa’s Rugby Team : “Nothing to Lose Anymore”

In this 2015 when rugby’s World Cup is held, all of South Africans are supposed to put their honor to the South Africa’s rugby team. It is known that the team has successfully won the match in rugby’s World Cup 2015 after against Japan. The match which was held on Saturday was made by the African with some reasons behind. Well, the act of South African’s rugby team in competing the match was going so dramatic with the score 15 – 6. The team even admitted that the win was inspired by th Spanish when 2010’s football World Cup was held.

At that time, Spain had lost against Switzerland in the first game of 2010’s football World Cup. This opening match was really poor for Spain to show the performance in football. However, in the following match, the team played so successfully and brings it to be the champion in 2010. The champion was made by Spanish the next 25 days after its lost. What the team of Spain did became the inspiration for the South African team to not feel any hopeless to gain the power and defeat the team. As the consequence, South African team has successfully won the match.

This time, South African team is really proud to know that their efforts are just paid off really good. In 2007 with the same match as this year does, South Africa had successfully win over the England with 36 – 0. The win just made them getting proud to bring the South African as the leading rugby team which has been admitted by the world. In addition to the win of the first year, the team has successfully brought the trophy in the following year. The team won over England again with 16 – 0 as the close of the game.

This time, the team should strengthen the power to lose against the other nation’s team. After its win with the Tonga and Scotland, the team was just getting confident to win the next match. There is no words to describe about the power of the team this time and they know how to defeat the next team. The team had learned the experience of Spanish football team that the team was so solid to win the match. Nothing to lose for every match the do in the future. The loss was just about the time who already passed and now the team is putting lots of efforts to win the match.

South African rugby team has always put their trust to their coach in giving them training and spirit to win the match. Now, the team is ready to go fighting over the Scotland. The match will be held in October, 3. After that, the team will just face United States in order to get the trophy on October, 7. The final match must be something that the team has been looking forward to it. Now, just lets the result and enjoy the show of South African team in World Cup 2015.

Davis Cup Final: About Drama, History and All

If you are one of the biggest fans of Davis Cup Final from now on, you should know that Belgium eventually has made a confirmation that they are going to held the indoors tournament, especially on clay, where you can freely enjoy the tournament inside the 13,000-capacity of Flanders Expo located in Ghent. However, is seems like it is going to be full of drama, historical event and all since leading by Andy Murray, the Britain finally has reached their very first place on the Davis Cup Final. You know, the place they wanted the most since 1978 by beating Australia in the semi-final, well, it was such a long day after all.

In the other hand, it seems that Andy Murray, also known as Murray only, may miss the great atmosphere among tournament despite the decision that Murray is going to play on the final match, for about 27 to 29 November this year. Even though Murray somehow feel like he need time to adjust the tournament atmosphere as well you know that he has played that hard on the last World Tour Finals, he still can be mentioned as the best player who bring up a good record on the surface, furthermore at this season.

Yet, as mentioned that it should be full of drama along with the highness tennis in professional, Chris Kermode, as the executive president of the ATP, made a confession that as his own expectation, Murray should be play well on London, as well as the end-of-season tournament also finishes at London’sO2 Arena by eight players. Furthermore, since the Murray also has his own obsession, whereas he would need time to take over the adaptation from hard court to clay, thus, he has confessed that he would devote a week before the D-day in order to encourage his own self to play at clay.

Unfortunately, despite his winning over Australia on the last semi-final, Murray seems to devote his own self for about a week before the match hold that he need more time in order to adjust the different ambiance, into the surface. Furthermore, the conclusion also has come from himself that the match perhaps may not going to be that perfect, as usual as he always do, since he choose to spend the preceding week in order to contest some potentially match on the last Word Tour Finals.

However, the decision which has been made by Murray seems to bring up another effect for his player since he need to take a big financial hit, yet could be banned from the ATP Tour from now on as if he cannot get into the best position on the season finale. Thus, it needs to be clearly along the way that each qualified player, even though they got injured somehow, they are require to compete in the event, as well. Therefore, since Belgium are being the host for the final match caused by the rotation policy, both of them can get the advantage in fixture in case they are going to against each other to be the winner of the Davis Cup.

Ragnar Left after 21 Years

This news is very surprised and making few people shock. This is very interesting news. What is it? The Viking Ragnar, plentiful like his forefathers of Scandinavian, this is not a man to be flirted with. An awesome, whiskery, the man with beard, mascot for Minnesota of the NFL’s is Ragnar. He is believed to become that because he has good reputation about that. The Vikings and Ragnar have been going and they are separating themselves when they can reach the togetherness until 21 years and go way side by side by pillaging. The two parties are not successful enough for agreeing the terms in the latest contract reported by Associated Press.

Joe Juranitch whose Ragnar full name, rob the bank Stadium of US riding on the motorcycle which is purple in the past. However, the days that are called of his striking fear days with his rivals give another impression that it is to be over. It is proven after he had posted something on the Facebook page of Viking. It is also since Minnesota was opening such a game of home with Detroit Lions on the day before Monday. Ragnar upload a picture to show that he was watching Minnesota form his home. He does that because Facebook is very large social media so it will be an effective way to show about his activity. He uploads it in a right way and also in the right time.

After that, he wrote again in the Facebook. He wrote that he does not feel that he is sitting at home. We do not know what the exactly meaning of this. However, he would like to tell something for the reader in the Facebook. Then he wrote again. He said that that is not his choice. Also, he does not make any decisions because there are people or department which is responsible about it. He realized that it is a point that someone made for him. He does not forget to express his feeling that he is really missing with his fans which is always supporting him with many kind ways. He is also missing the euphoria of many fans. Furthermore, he really need and miss the support from the fans. However, he hopes that all will be staying in positive mind and he can move forward.

Before Juranitch departures, the Vikings confess that they have had such a lot of conversation. The conversation is very long because they take for many hours when they are doing those conversations. We also do not know what they are talking about. And then, the club also added some messages like they intend to honor of his 21 seasons during home game of Viking in 2015 also they will welcome him in the ceremonial events in the future. Ragnar had support from fans that is long time and he got more than 10,000 people. They have been signing a calling of petition for his return. It shows that many people will support him.

Hot News of F1

Hot news about the one of Formula One stars, Jenson Button is becoming deliberation among people who liking Formula One. Jenson Button has been getting a bad condition recently that almost makes him in the frustration. Such as this during until the Singapore Grand Prix pass, Jenson didn’t get any option by McLaren for the next season. At the different position, Fernando Alonso precisely gets a new contract for more two years at McLaren. This situation is indirectly become causes buried of Jenson and make him become not confident to look the race forward. The fast action must be doing by Jason if he would keep his career turn down to his control. He must be consistent to hold out at the Formula One Race so no one of another F1 stars can replace him such as Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vetel.

We can look the situation in the past that was happened at Singapore Grand Prix were nothing the Mercedes team. It happen again after it is not so long ago were have qualify well on its perform but not so good at the tires work for the cars even in low grip circuit like the circuit at Singapore. The best team has to have the best car even they never win them all. The brands of Pirelli tires have used a lot in Formula One competitions are particularly rather be difficult to handle by the driver. Although the Pirelli tires is also can making the car with the machine work properly enough but need persistent to ensuring if the tires can go off quickly once they work. Other hot news came from the results of 2015 F1 Singapore GP became remarkable for Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) who managed to earn his third victory this season. Vettel victory is more perfect because Mercedes duo both are failed to make the podium. Lewis Hamilton DNF, while Nico Rosberg only penetrates sequence of four.

2015 F1 championship is still tense and not forever Mercedes always in power. At the Singapore Grand Prix, Ferrari show if they could compete with the German team. Respite from the practice and qualifying, Vettel put the prancing horse team as winners of the Singapore Grand Prix by devouring time of 2 hours 1 minute 22 118 seconds to complete 61 laps. This is truly exceptional and the people will be more interested in him. The success of Vettel is followed by Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Renault) and Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) who are managed to secure a podium. It is happen because he will find the success too. Three lucky fate contrasts with that experienced by Lewis Hamilton. The defending champions are already in trouble from the start, finally gave up on lap 32 due to engine problems. Hamilton’s teammate, Nico Rosberg is no less bad. He was only able to finish fourth. As a result, the distance in the standings from the Briton is also not too far trimmed. Now Mercedes drivers are disputing 41 points. The distance is still quite massive.

Football Association (FA) Punishment for Diego Costa’s Case

Football Association (FA) punished Diego costa, 26, for his incident that he put his hand to Koscielny’s face, Arsenal’s defender, before Costa clashed with Gabriel in the match between Chelsea and Arsenal. The Chelsea’s striker was punished to a three-match ban. The punishment provided by the FA because of the acts of violence committed by Costa in the match contra the club of North London. At the game, Chelsea won in score 2-0 over Arsenal. Costa has denied allegations of violence and gross behavior in a game against the Gunners. However, through an independent hearing on Tuesday. FA charges granted to Costa and directly rewarded with the punishments.Diego Costa finally found guilty of his provocative actions that led to his red card for Arsenal defender, Gabriel Paulista. FA as Britain’s highest football authority imposed sanctions on Costa that he is banned not to play in three games that will be ahead.

In the match that was held at Stamford Bridge, Costa known did a violence to The Gunners defender, Laurent Koscielny. According to the investigation and the video footage, the FA finally set Costa commited and he should be punished. Not only doing such violence to Koscielny, another Arsenal defender, Gabriel Paulista also clashed with Costa. Gabriel even had been shown the red-card by the referee as assessed using violence to Costa.However, the punishment imposed on Gabriel Paulista by FA has finally been lifted. The lifting of the sanctions, it is because Arsenal immediately appeals against the referee’s decision that was considered less appropriate for a red card to Gabriel.

After Arsenal appeal, we announced that the heavy penalties Gabriel Paulista repealed: “The ban of three matches Gabriel has been revoked and apply directly. Now, the player is still stuck on the sanctions of FA over what his action did at the match on Saturday,” said by the football club of the North London. The incident that happened in the match Arsenal contra Chelsea, it takes a lot of concern to many people. The referee gave a decision, which considered biased because he only gave punishment of the card to Paulista. The Arsenal fans were furious with the referee’s decision. they even raise a petition asking the FA to ban Mike Dea (the referee who led the match Chelsea vs Arsenal) to no longer be given the confidence to lead the English Premier League match. In just one day, Arsenal fans even able to collect a total of 50 thousand signatures.

In the relation of the case, Stoke Manager Mark Hughes correlated to the Ibrahim Afellay’s ban, when he slapped West Brom’s Craig Gardner in August, and the punishment was diminished from three games to two games, seeing that this makes he is flustered to the FA’s decision relating to the Gabriel’s.

Hughes said that he was not sure why Afellay had still kept on two games ban without any reduction. Meanwhile he saw another case that seemed to be the same violennce and they got wiped off. he told BBC Radio live.

Rumor Round Up on NBA

There is always hot news related to the agent of NBA players. The rumor that is now happening is the latest one. Let’s give our attention to know well about the rumor which is come up from the Minnesota Timberwolves player, Anthony Bennet. The issue says that he will leave the team that is now being his home. He will free sooner from the club/team related to the buyout negotiation. It will be the chance of Bennet to be finally unclaimed which will make him very easy to be free agent. It will probably the time for Bennet to be the agent that get calls from NBA teams, but some teams like Dallas and as well as Toronto should be count out.

The next information will be from the Minnesota Timberwolves that will have eighteen players that are under contract. It will happen when they finally waive Bennet from the team. It also means that there will be 3 players that should be released ahead of regular season in 2015 until 2016. The three players are Kleon Penn, the center, the guard Nick Wiggins, and Lorenzo Brow which finally will remain 15 players that will be ready for the regular season that will be in the late October.

Tristan Thompson also being on the list of the rumors which according to Brian Windhorst, the ESPN’s, Thompson and Clevelan Cavaliers will apart on their negotiation cost $14 million. It will be a good chance for Thompson to get the $6,8 million of the negotiation together with the view because he becomes unrestricted agent who is free in next year, 2016. The other player, DeMar DeRozan, which is one of the member of Toronto Raptors that is issued to not get the extension on this season. There is no negotiation for that. The manager, Masai Ujiri said that DeRozan can extend just for certain money, and it must be not suitable for his performance. So, DeMar De Rozan should patiently wait for the decision that will be good for both sides. Based on some information, he is now being under contracted for 2016 until 2017.

Related to some payers that got injuries which requires them to take a rest for a while from the playing, it will be about the Cleveland Cavaliers which will manage the training for 4 injured players that have been ready to play back. They are Kyrie Irving, Timofey Mozgov, Anderson Varejo, and Kevin Love. They will be involved on the training camp that will be held next week. Related to the training camp on next week, Dallas Mavericks, the ESPNDallas’Chandler Parsons, Wesley Matthews, and JaVale McGee will not be fully clear for all activities that are related on basketball. They will start to continue to play on October 28th while it is regular season tips off. The last one will be about Atlanta Hawks relate to some injured players such as Kyle Korver, Thabo Sefolosha, and Shelvin Mack. One of the hot rumor is about the possibility of Luke Ridnour‘s retirement.